Satoyama as vibrant lands

Satoyama is Japan's unique and traditional contribution to the concept of sustainability. It is a liminal space, the intersection between sato (arable/home-land) and yama (mountain/wild-land). 

Today, many ceramic communities in rural Japan must fight against declining or aging populations. We are part of a growing community of ceramic artists, researchers, farmers, and craftpersons who recognize the implication and potential of satoyama as a framework for vibrant restoration.

We are asking ourselves and the world: what are the potentialities of this complex intersection--of traditional arts communities, of contemporary arts communities, of sato, of yama, of this socio-ecological space?

Vibrant Lands as satoyama

As ceramic artists, educators, and writers, we believe in education and dialogue as a means to revitalize communities. We seek to develop reciprocal arts residencies as a sustainable model for an international and educational ceramic arts community. 

We believe that satoyama gives us a model for sustainable arts and ecological practices that can be--must be--translated in the context of the United States. Join us today as artist, thinker, learner, activist, donor.

Who we are

Amiko Matsuo - Founder

 ceramic artist, educator, writer

Dr. Brad Monsma - Founder

writer, educator, artist

Masaki Matsuo - webmaster

programmer, educator, writer